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Ecclesiastical Conservation and Restoration

We begin by conducting an initial survey of the site to understand the structural strength and condition of the building. Based on the survey, we can if needed prepare a project report including the budget estimates. We share the report with you for approval. Once you approve, we visit the site and start work as per the plan defined in the report.

We understand that working on restoring churches requires utmost dedication, and commitment to quality. We not only focus on enhancing the structural strength of the building, but also strive to match the restoration work to the original work.

At Mallett Stone Masonry, we possess special expertise in all aspects of lime mortar techniques & stone manufacture & replacement of damaged masonry.


We can perform:

  • Matching old mortar
  • Repointing using lime mortar
  • Brick replacement and consolidation
  • Replacement stone detailing
  • Masonry replacement & consolidation

We are also aware of the paperwork and faculties required for the restoration of Churches.

5 Reasons to Hire Mallett Masonry for Ecclesiastical Works

  1. Expert ecclesiastical stonemasons
  2. Flawless restoration work
  3. On time completion of the project
  4. Site clean-up after completion of the work
  5. Professional and prompt service

At Mallett Stone Masonry, we deliver end to end ecclesiastic masonry solutions.

Contact us for high quality ecclesiastical masonry that stands the test of time. Call 01925 730759 now to request a consultation or email us at