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Mallett Stone Masonry is a renowned stone masonry service with an experience of over three decades in restoration work. We undertake stone restoration work for any kind of property and stone structure. Be it your manor house or a small cottage, a church or a monument, a statue or your fireplace, doors or windows; we have the best solution for any restoration need that you may have. We aim to build a perfect balance between the traditional style and modern technology.

Our Restoration Process

Before undertaking any job, the first and most important step is surveying the site. We will visit the building and study the intricacies of the structure.
Following this, we draw up a plan of action which includes the structural work and the budget. Once you approve the plan and budget, our team of professionals will start the replacement or consolidation work. We specialise in the use of lime areas such as pointing.

Master Stone Masons

It’s important to understand the character and historical significance of a structure before undertaking any restoration work. Our stone masons use their extensive knowledge to study the structure. We attach utmost importance to procuring the right stone & material for the restoration work. We procure materials that match the original work to help maintain the integrity of the finished product. We aim to give you the best service in the shortest possible time. We strive towards excellence and keep on upgrading and improving ourselves to serve you better.

Stone Restoration Services

Why Choose Mallet Masonry

Years of dedicated service makes us one of the best in this area of work. The list of our satisfied customers is testimony to our claim. We treat any restoration as a work of art. Our stone masons have vast knowledge of the different period pieces and hence use materials and style to match the original structure. So, we can proudly assure that the end result will match seamlessly with the original.

Every building and structure deserves to retain its original grace and charm. So, if your property needs any restoration work, contact us to preserve its history and uniqueness. Call 01925 730759 to request a consultation or email us at