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Insurance Work

We, at Mallett Stone Masonry, undertake insurance work for walls gateposts & for building structures. In case of damage caused due to an insured event like fire, flood, storm or any other impact; we provide all kinds of assistance for your insurance work. From inception to completion, we provide hassle free service for all our customers.

Our Insurance Reinstatement Services

Any insurance claim involves liaising between the insurance company and the claimant. With the permission of our clients, we act as the single point of contact, communicating on your behalf with the insurance company. This involves a complicated process. But we ensure that the insurance work is done with minimum complication and cost for the maximum benefit.

The first step of any insurance work is to collaborate with the loss adjuster appointed by the insurance company. We carry out the initial assessment and submit it to the loss adjuster to decide on the scope of work, the phases through which the job has to be executed and the budget.

Insurance Work
Stone Masonry Insurance Reinstatement

Hassle Free Insurance Repair Work

Once the claim has been approved by the insurance company, we will fix an appointment with you to explain the entire process. It is important to familiarise you because, after all, it is your property and you deserve to know the logistics of the entire process of insurance work. When we finally hand over the property to you after completion of the work, your house will be as good as before. That is the assurance of Mallett Stone Masonry.

Why Choose Us for Insurance Work

We are a reputed company providing insurance work for more than three decades. We deliver our projects in the shortest possible time with no stress for our clients. Every insurance work that we undertake comes with a guarantee of Mallett Stone Masonry. Many satisfied customers bear testimony to the superior quality of our service.

So put your worries to rest; and leave all the hassle of insurance work for us to handle. Contact Mallett Stone Masonry today for hassle free insurance work for your property. Call 01925 730759 now to schedule a consultation or email us