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Stone Carving

We have the flexibility and skills to create and install distinctive and individual stonework suitable for both internal and external spaces: fountains, figurative and abstract sculpture, relief carvings, inscriptions and memorials.

All commissions are hand carved, we work with the client to make an outstanding piece,

The art of the stone carver not only involves the working of stone, but also demands an ability to draw and design, and to understand, interpret and reproduce different periods and styles of architectural ornament.

Over the last 30 years we have under taken many interesting carving projects from gargoyles to coats of arms gaining a reputation.

Professional Stonemasons

Mallett Stone Masonry is a family run business with a passion for delivering stone masonry services of the highest standards. We are trained stone masons who take pride in what we do. Be it a new-build or a restoration project. Our Stone Masonry Services We provide a complete range of stone masonry services. Our services include architectural masonry, ecclesiastical masonry, restoration and insurance work. We also create custom stone carvings, plaques, name plates, walls, gateposts and fire places. Committed to Quality We are a family run business. Stone masonry is more than business for us. It’s our passion and pride. We combine our rich experience in stone work with our passion for excellence to deliver perfection and precision in all our works.

Stone Carving
Stone Carving Services

7 Reasons to Choose Our Stone Carving Services

Our trademark is our quality. Our clients value us for all those features that set us apart from the rest. These include:

  1. Reliability
  2. Assurance of quality
  3. Personalised and creative solutions
  4. Time bound schedule
  5. Attention to detail
  6. Guarantee and after sales service
  7. Client friendly

Each stone carving project we take up bears our signature of excellence. From buildings and monuments to smaller stone structures – think of Mallett Stone Masonry for all your masonry work. Give us a call on 01925 730759 for a consultation today or email us at